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Quick guide to Berlin neighborhoods – part II: Kreuzberg

Post by Michael W. on 05/08/2014

Deciding where to move in a city you don’t know is tough. It is after all a very important decision; it will have a big impact on how your life and how you experience the city. It will influence your daily life and what kind of people you’re going to meet because distances here are quite long so you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your neighborhood. Many people in Berlin stay in their neighborhood 99% of the time so you should take your time for choosing the right neighborhood.

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Best Summer Music Festivals in-n-around Berlin!

Post by Michael W. on 12/06/2014

As any “20 something” tourist in the city will tell you: Berlin is known for its vibrant music scene. This love affair is especially apparent in the summer months, where various music festival, open airs and events leave the city sleepless. Below you can find a list of some of the best music festival taking place this year this summer in Berlin: 1. Berlin Festival (5th-7th of September)

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Living with Germans – part I

Post by Michael W. on 27/05/2014

There are many things that can be said about Germans, some true, some not. But there are certain “tendencies” in German behaviors that you should know about in order to avoid the so called “culture shock”. Even more if you consider sharing a flat with a German, there are some things you might need to know.

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Wohngemeinschaft for beginners: finding shared accommodation in Berlin

Post by Majdi A. on 11/06/2013

Thinking of coming to Berlin? Now’s the time to do so. The Berlin Senate recently predicted that Berlin’s population is set to grow by a quarter of a million by 2030 and many of the newcomers will be young expats. Berlin is quickly becoming Europe’s coolest capital and luckily living here is still pretty affordable.

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Berlin Guide to Language Schools

Post by Majdi A. on 28/05/2013

These days much of Europe is facing a plague of unemployment and many people, young and not-so-young, are moving to the only country that seems to be doing quite well: Germany. Still, all of us expats in the Hauptstadt have one, big dragon we have to fight with: The Awful German Language, to use Mark Twain’s words!

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SRH Hochschule Berlin | The International Management University

Post by Majdi A. on 03/05/2013

Die ersten warmen Sonnenstrahlen nimmst Du zum Anlass und überlegst wie Du den Sommer und die Semesterferien in diesem Jahr verbringen möchtest? Wir bei Roomsurfer helfen Dir deinen Sommer mit dem perfekten Urlaub zu genießen. Allerdings bezahlt sich ein Urlaub leider nicht von selbst. Bei der Finanzierung Deines Urlaubes hilft Dir unser Partner StudentJob.  

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