Living with Germans – part I

Post by Michael W. on 27/05/2014

There are many things that can be said about Germans, some true, some not. But there are certain “tendencies” in German behaviors that you should know about in order to avoid the so called “culture shock”. Even more if you consider sharing a flat with a German, there are some things you might need to know.

1.Germans have a weird sense of humor
Being a German myself, I think we have a wonderful sense of humor. But everywhere I’ve traveled and every foreigner I’ve talked to about that, they just started laughing and went like “Oh no, Germans are absolutely not funny”. So, prepare yourself for unfunny jokes and if a German tries to tell you one and you see the expectation of laughter in his face – maybe just do the favor and pretend to be amused – they will appreciate it.

2.Germans are punctual
This doesn’t account for all Germans, obviously, but generally speaking punctuality is expected in Germany. If you agree to meet at 3pm, it’s not 4, neither 3.30. Up to 3.15 you might get away with it, afterwards prepare for angry looks. More so if you have official meetings, for example with the Landlord.

3. Germans love dark bread
If you share a flat with a German, don’t start looking for baguette, toast or Ciabatta. They know it, they might eat it sometimes, but the most part of Germans always sticks to the beloved “Schwarzbrot”. White bread is widely considered as unhealthy. I know, many foreigners are sceptic about it in the beginning, but give it a try! It is really worth it!

4. Germans love beer even more
Germany has the best beer in the world. Forget about Belgium, forget about everything else, THE beer nation is Germany. Every city has its own beer and even if you drink it for breakfast, nobody will give you weird looks (especially not in southern Germany). You can drink beer anytime ,everywhere and you always get it at a reasonable price as it is considered one of the most important staple foods. be continued

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