Finding a Place to Call Home in Sydney

Post by Michael W. on 20/05/2014
Moving to a whole new country / city can be very intimidating. It can be tough to find a place to call your own, settle in and start living life in another country. A place to lay your head is essential if you’re going to enjoy your time, especially in Australia.

Plan to Stay Nearby

At least for a few days, you’re probably going to have some form of temporary arrangement, just because it’s so difficult to find a place to live if you’re not near where you’re trying to move. If you’re moving to Australia to attend University, plan to get there a few days or a week before classes begin so that you can have a bit of time to find a permanent place to stay.


You should know your budget before you start looking at accommodations. You’ll be expected to pay rent on a weekly basis and you’ll likely find that sharing accommodations with roommates will be more affordable than trying to live alone. You’ll need to make sure you have the money available to pay a bond when you move in somewhere. This is typically an amount equivalent to two weeks rent and the landlord will keep it until you leave, in order to cover any damages or unpaid rent. Houses outside the city are typically less expensive than those in the city itself.

Choosing Roommates and Location

You need to decide the area you want to live in. Base your choice on things like proximity to your university and ensure that you’re going to be satisfied with the available public transit and entertainment options nearby. Once you’ve decided on a general area, you can start looking at billboards posted in the university or at local shops to find a place that will fit your needs.

It’s not uncommon for students to share living space in Sydney, sometimes to the point of sharing a bedroom with their roommate. Roommates are a great way to make friends and improve your grasp of other languages and cultures. You might even find yourself having a lot of fun! If any problems arise, you’ll be able to practice conflict resolution skills like discussing the problem honestly or asking for mediation. To avoid problems, make sure you meet potential roommates and read over the entire tenancy agreement before signing anything. The New South Wales (NSW) Government Fair Trading website can help you understand your rights and obligations when renting property in and around Sydney.

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