Car-sharing for the future: Our round-up of the best new deals

Post by Majdi A. on 30/04/2014

Summer’s here and while it’s great to while away beautiful days on the balcony or in your local park, we know that sometimes you just need to get away. Days in the countryside, camping trips, visiting relatives out of town… sounds wonderful, right? But if you, dear city-dweller, like me, possess personal transport only of the two-wheeled variety, you’re probably already wondering how on earth you’re going to get to your chosen beautiful, yet remote, destination – let alone transport overnight gear, picnic basket, tent, swimming things, flowers for you grandmother, etc., etc. (delete as appropriate).

Whether you’re in London or Paris, Berlin or Barcelona, we all know that for most people owning your own car is impractical, expensive and, quite frankly, unnecessary. There will, however, always be those occasions when you just can’t do without. At Roomsurfer we’re all about sharing and that’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most exciting new car-sharing solutions on the market in our two top cities: Berlin and Barcelona



Citeecar are brand new on the market in Berlin and Hamburg and present short-term car rental solutions with an exciting twist. They own their own fleet of shiny vehicles stationed at assigned locations around town, which can be rented out at as little as ten minutes notice – just search for your nearest car online. Journeys cost just 1€ per hour and cars can be borrowed for up to three days at a time. And to keep it really simple, insurance, petrol and cleaning costs are covered. Sign up online and get your first 50km free!

Have access to a parking space you never use? Become a Citeecar host and benefit from even cheaper car hire right on your doorstep!

Great for: those who need to make short, frequent trips e.g. day-trips, shopping trips, picking up a friend; journeys starting and ending in either Berlin or Hamburg;

Maybe not: very infrequent use (monthly fee is unavoidable); one-way journeys are a no-go,

Price check (we do the maths):

That long awaited trip to IKEA (based on a 20km, five-hour round trip): 5€ (time) + 4€ (distance) = 9€ + 5€ monthly membership fee 

Overnight trip to Hamburg (36 hours, 600km): 36€ (time) + 120€ (distance) = 156€ (which might at first glance look expensive in comparison to traditional car rental options, but keep in mind that there are no additional costs such as petrol)


BlaBlaCar (who started their journey in France and launched in Germany this year) bring an innovative dimension to the traditional lift-sharing model. As with other companies offering similar services, users can post and search for journeys online and agree on a meeting place and price. However there are a number of fun additional features, such as the ability to compare music taste and willingness to chat (“Gesprächsfreudigkeit”). The website is also super user-friendly and, depending on your start and end destinations, there are plenty of offers available (I just spotted a trip from Berlin to Athens!)

BlaBla Car suggest a price of 5€ per kilometre and you can search for journeys across Germany and abroad.

Great for: flexible schedules, travelling light, no driving licence, meeting new people;

Maybe not: you have very specific needs, are travelling to a more remote location, or don’t like sharing a car with others;

Price check:

Berlin to Hamburg: 10€ – 15€ per person, per direction


Car-sharing, literally: tamyca allows car owners to offer their own car online whilst those looking for transport can search for offers according to price, location, availability and car type; insurance is included and longer term options are available.

Big advantages include that you can search for a specific type of car (people carriers, 4x4s, even sports cars), and that options are available across Germany.

Great for: holidays, infrequent journeys, day trips, travelling with a group or with luggage;

Maybe not: very short journeys;

Price check:

Day trip from Berlin: prices start at 25€ + petrol

Overnight trip Berlin-Hamburg on a weekend: prices start at 45€ + petrol



Ok, so we’re still working on a bank of car-sharing opportunities in Barcelona, but in the meantime Social Car are just so great that we wanted to tell you about them now.

Like tamycar, Social Car provide a platform for person to person car-sharing – this time throughout Spain. The price per day is specified by the owner and the person borrowing the car pays in advance, after which both parties meet at an agreed location.

The wonderful team at Social Car are even offering Roomsurfers a 10% discount. Just enter the code ROOMSURFER when you register!

Price check:

The price per day for cars in Barcelona starts at around 20€

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