Introducing Trip4real

Post by Majdi A. on 06/08/2013

“What makes a trip incredible is the people you meet there and the feeling of being immersed in the local culture”

Do you agree? At Roomsurfer, we certainly do and so does our most recent partner from Spain, Trip4real. So, if you’re planning a trip to Spain any time soon, you’d better keep reading!

What are they about?

Trip4real offers you…

  • the opportunity to enjoy unique and quality activities created by local experts for travellers
  • an original way to get to know and to enjoy the most authentic part of a country as marvellous as Spain
  • memorable experiences that you won’t find anywhere else – because you don’t get that kind of thing in a guide book

We also recently heard that Ferran Adriá, reportedly the best chef in the world and named byTime magazine as one of the most innovative people, just invested in the business. Suffice it to say that we’re very excited about what the future holds for the company!

What kind of activities are we talking about?

It was difficult to narrow it down, but here’s a selection of experiences4real that we thought looked particularly enticing:


Still wondering what it’s all about? Take a look at this video

And one last secret! If you’re currently tying your brain in knots trying to work out how many activities you can afford, take this into account: as a Roomsurfer user you will get a 10% discount! We too want you to be a traveller, not a tourist!

Just drop us a line at for your voucher code :)

By Izaskun

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