Join the newest trend in foodie travelling: EatWith

Post by Majdi A. on 08/08/2013

EatWith is the most delicious way to travel: meet new people, try new dishes, and be part of the latest foodie trend. EatWith is an online community that connects passionate home cooks with travellers and locals around the dining table. There is no better way to meet people when you are travelling, and when there is great food the experience is unforgettable.

Why not have an amazing Spanish dinner with Agata and Nuria (left), or an authentic paella cooked over a wood fire? Or check out Asciano, above, enjoying tapas and vermouth with guests on her Barcelona terrace.


And for anyone that books an EatWith event in July or August, you could win a free return flight to a special EatWith event in New York. Surely that is the most delicious way to win!

Go to EatWith and find an amazing host to EatWith next time you’re in Spain.

Check out EatWith in other cities too! Although still growing, there are already hosts in London and Berlin. Roomsurfer's Toño is one of them!


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