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How to be a good host (part two): marketing tips and more from Monica Zaldivar

Post by Majdi A. on 24/07/2013

As part of our series on exploring the life of a Roomsurfer host, we chatted to Monica Zaldivar, Roomsurfer host and social media extraordinaire.

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What makes a good host? Insider tips from some of Roomsurfer's most experienced

Post by Majdi A. on 12/07/2013

Ever wondered what it’s like to welcome people into your home and to be paid for it? Or maybe you’ve already done so, but are wondering how your experience compares to others’. In order to do some finding out, I spoke to two of our most popular hosts about what makes Roomsurfer great and how to bring people to your profile.

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Wir sind Europa!

Post by Majdi A. on 11/07/2013

Immer mehr junge Menschen leben nicht mehr nur an einem Ort, sondern erkunden die Welt. Wer heute beruflich erfolgreich sein will, nimmt den Job mit dem besten Angebot an und dieses muss nicht unbedingt in Deutschland sein, sondern vielleicht in Italien, Frankreich oder Schweden. Flexibilität ist hinsichtlich der beruflichen Laufbahn aber auch in der Freizeit kein Thema mehr. Ein kurzer Städtetrip am Wochenende nach Paris, Wellness in Amsterdam oder Sonne genießen am Wörthersee.

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Barcelona travel tips

Post by Majdi A. on 05/07/2013

From the Sagrada Familia to shopping in the sales, if you’re thinking of heading to the Catalan capital this summer, make sure you check out country manager Izaskun’s tips for making the most of your time in Barcelona. Hint: You can see everything on this page and more on Roomsurfer’s ‘Barcelona’ list on Foursquare right here.

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Backpacker's Guide: Where to look for the best value as a budget traveller in Europe

Post by Majdi A. on 02/07/2013

Last week on the blog we took a look at how the cost of living compares in Berlin and London and since then we've been thinking a whole lot about how the cost of living compares in other cities, and how that in turn affects the cost of travelling.

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London is expensive. Berlin is cheap.

Post by Majdi A. on 27/06/2013

A look at the best and the worst of both capitals for those on a tight budget

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Sunshine, Spree and Techno DJs – Roomsurfer at Diynamic Open Air in Berlin

Post by Majdi A. on 24/06/2013

Saturday June 22nd saw one of this summer’s most highly anticipated partys in Berlin: Diynamic Open Air, co-organised by Diynamic Events and Watergate Club, took place on the banks of the Spree in Rummelsburg. In attendance were a great crowd of fun-loving (and, might I add, extremely well-dressed) international and local revellers, a fab line-up and (thank goodness!) a roaring sun.

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Wohngemeinschaft for beginners: finding shared accommodation in Berlin

Post by Majdi A. on 11/06/2013

Thinking of coming to Berlin? Now’s the time to do so. The Berlin Senate recently predicted that Berlin’s population is set to grow by a quarter of a million by 2030 and many of the newcomers will be young expats. Berlin is quickly becoming Europe’s coolest capital and luckily living here is still pretty affordable.

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Berlin Guide to Language Schools

Post by Majdi A. on 28/05/2013

These days much of Europe is facing a plague of unemployment and many people, young and not-so-young, are moving to the only country that seems to be doing quite well: Germany. Still, all of us expats in the Hauptstadt have one, big dragon we have to fight with: The Awful German Language, to use Mark Twain’s words!

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Berlin Festival

Post by Majdi A. on 27/05/2013

Summer. Pants get shorter, skin gets darker, days get longer and nights get crazier. In this season, a sense of freedom invades Berlin, with dozens of open airs, live concerts and festivals of all kind; in Summer, the party really never ends.

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